What is so attractive about Entrepreneurship?

When someone talks about entrepreneurship, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is –Why? You start thinking why a person that is earning handsomely would put an end to all his efforts just for the sake of pursuing a business he or she is interested in. Whilst a majority of us are wrapping our heads over this, there are several men and women that are on a mission to bid adieu to their corporate dreams in hopes they’ll become successful entrepreneurs someday.

Yes, while you’re still a part of Corporate India, there are certain things you need to put up daily, like an irritable boss, fickle job security, time clock annoyances, stressful morning commutes, unmotivated coworkers, a realistic glass ceiling, etc. However, the question remains as to why someone would junk it up and pursue his or her dream of being an entrepreneur.

For a majority of us, though, the above reasons are enough to pursue the dreams of being an entrepreneur one day! But still, one needs to understand that the journey of being an entrepreneur is easier said than done. Many individuals have failed to be successful entrepreneurs. There are several reasons why this happens. An unclear or unfair expectation is one of them. When individuals fail to get their expectations right or go about their research works without proper information or data, the result is that they fail in their endeavor. It’s just like soaring into fog not knowing an accident is lurking around the corner! Nonetheless, for many entrepreneurs, the dream of not having to deal with a boss becomes a good enough reason to pursue the journey of becoming one!

If indications of recent reports are anything to go by, the number of business professionals and college students that are intrigued by the concept of being an entrepreneur has increased quite substantially. This trend is being witnessed even in the world of women. For women, though, there are quite a few reasons why they would be interested in pursuing their dreams of being an entrepreneur. Whilst for a few of these individuals, it is the amount of time they get to spend with their family is the main reason, for others it is the opportunity to earn a lot more than they used to is the chief reason. Then women are seriously looking for limitless career alternatives. However, having said this, the challenges before both men and women are the same when it comes to embarking the journey of being an entrepreneur.

The last few years have seen a surge in the number of entrepreneurs in the business industry. It is, therefore, not surprising to see entrepreneurship being a hot topic of discussion in many news reports and social media platforms. What makes entrepreneurs a hot topic of discussion is how individuals start from humble beginnings, like being homeless or college dropouts, etc. Then there are individuals, like Saksham Rai from Delhi, that are intelligent, talented, and aspire to be an entrepreneur through sheer hard work, dedication, and honesty.

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