“From casually watching YouTube videos of freestylers embarrassing people on the street, to being the captain of the school team, my love affair with football is equally coherent as it is coincidental.

I play other sports too, but my mind body and soul come at the intersecting cross-road only when I have a football in my feet.

Being the captain of the school team, and my house team, I have won several interschool and interhouse events. But the enchanting moment was when the tenacious team of 2018 qualified for the RFYS (Reliance Foundation for Youth Sports) nationals and made it to the semi-finals, defeating past year champions Pragati Public school by 4-0. And I, being the top scorer in the group stages, couldn’t have asked more as an achievement both from myself and the boys, for a bunch of 16-year olds were up against utter professionals in the ‘no set age-limit’ competition.

Making it to the knockout stages of CBSE tournament was also extremely encouraging.

But trophies and certificates, or any other accolade doesn’t come close to the sheer pleasure of loosing yourself on the field for those 90 minutes.”

Inter School Sports And Games Competition

Participate in inter school sports and games competition 2018-19

Reliance Foundation

Participate in Reliance Foundation School Football 2018-19 in the Senior’s Category.