Astroid Mining

“As a huge admirer of Elon Musk, I am quintessentially intrigued by his entrepreneurial endeavours with Solar City, Space X, Tesla and multitudes of other shared venture projects. But apart from his Hyperloop concept of transportation, what I find most enthralling is his concept of colonising MARS.

So me, and a few of my buddies while working on a research project targeted mainly at ‘developing economically viable techniques to implement asteroid mining in Space itself, tripped on the concept of creating efficient techniques to USE the metals extracted from asteroids so as to foster infrastructural settlement on MARS.

So, encouraged by the concept scientific curiosity and acknowledging the need of ‘one poor resource-less’ Elon Musk, I present to you my ‘in progress idea of colonising mars’.”

Self Transformer

“Now, this is a fully functional small voltage soft-core step-up transformer built as part of my investigatory project for Physics.”

It took a great deal of effort so as to assemble all the components and configure them as per the working principle of the transformer the end product, as how I was told by my teacher was essential and rewarding, not just for grades but for my practical implementation of theoretical knowledge.”