Is engineering still a Top Choice Major?
Is engineering still a Top Choice Major

While many say engineering is losing its charm as a career choice, there are an equal number of them that have a positive attitude towards the career stream. As there are both benefits and disadvantages of pursuing engineering as a career choice, the decision is best left to an individual. However, for an individual that is at the cusp of making a choice, he/she has to understand the ground reality of various industries and also take into account his/her preferences or interests. An individual has to make the choice only after getting a definite perspective of these things.

While engineering as a choice for major was realistic in the years gone by, the same cannot be said in the recent times. The fact that the questions like whether or not engineering needs to be pursued by individuals arise each time is an indication that the perspective towards engineering as a major choice has taken a nosedive in the recent times, at least in countries like India. Why is it like so? There are many reasons for this trend. Let us look at some of them.

  1. In the early 2000s, IT companies hired young engineers in large companies and provided them with lucrative salaries. Unfortunately, now, the hiring spree has somewhat stagnated and the basic salary for engineering graduates have remained unchanged for long.
  2. As compared to 95000 students graduating as engineers in the USA, nearly 15 lakh engineers graduate in India alone. While the rate of employment has remained constant for several years now, the huge number of engineering graduates being churned out by colleges across India doesn’t help the employment rate in any way.
  3. With hundreds of engineering courses on offer through 3000 odd colleges across the country, the quality of graduates isn’t on par with the expectations various industries have. Remember, there are only handful engineering courses that are in demand now by the students, while the rest are finding it tough to fill in the students. So, while the competition to get enrolled in certain engineering courses is high, there are no takers for other streams. What this means is the quality of students graduating out of certain streams is high, a majority of streams are finding it hard to churn out quality students that impact the industry they serve directly.
  4. Though thousands of students graduate as engineers in India, their practical experience is almost nil. Industries, whether it is IT or manufacturing or anything else, are fast changing. The demand is for graduates that are well-versed with latest technologies and processes. Unfortunately, the engineering curriculum hasn’t been updated for long and continues to remain stagnant. As a result, engineers graduating aren’t of the same worth as they were many years ago.


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