Counter Culture is Inevitable
Counter Culture is Inevitable

Before we get down to understanding what counter culture is and how inevitable it has become over the years, we need to understand what culture is. To put in simple terms, culture refers to training and development of spiritual and moral values, hopes and aspirations, attitudes and shared religious beliefs, and social manners and passing on these learned practices from one generation to another. It is common to find people to go with the flow in a culture.

The great sages and leaders that have changed the world for good reasons represented counter culture whereby they went against the establishment and proposed an alternate world to people that was more equitable and better than they were living in. Some of these great personalities included Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Narayana Guru, and others. These incredible personalities were the leaders of humanity and went ahead propagating all-inclusive and broad universal values they were always after. For example, Jesus Christ went against more powerful scholars and religious leaders of his time to rescue the oppressed ones and bring them into the Kingdom of God. Similarly, Gautam Buddha renounced his immense power and wealth that were associated with his royalty to become a mendicant for liberating people from the world that was full of unhappiness and sorrow.

The above examples are an indication of how counter culture started and people started taking note of the same. In the modern years, though, counter culture started somewhere in the 1960s that, in a way, prompted the end of the Vietnam War, the establishment of civil rights for African-Americans in the United States, and the desegregation of races. What the counter culture movement did was to bring deprived sections of the society, including women, to claim their rights to lead a normal life in society. The leaders that were at the forefront of this movement helped eliminate discriminations that were prevailing at the time.

Counter Culture is inevitable in modern times for various reasons. Currently, religions are up against professionalism and ethics. There is a need for all religions to come together and propose the fact that there is only one god and everyone needs to serve humanity. Politics is another reason why counter culture gains prominence. Today, the world of politics is in disarray as there is nothing called principles. Political parties need to come together and serve the interests of people whilst adhering to basic human values. Similarly, the education system is failing to impart a value system amongst students for developing and inculcating ethical, moral, humanistic, conscientious, and spiritual students. There has to be a motive to come out of the mindset of making a profit and amassing wealth.


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