Saksham Rai is the di-syllabic tone I respond to.
My mentors and well-wishers identify me as a young, exuberant, talented and a ‘capable’ youngster (which is exactly what ‘Saksham’ means) that is well set to scale newer heights soon.
I vehemently believe I have the qualities and credentials that qualifies make me as an all-rounder.
Born in 2001, and being a Delhi-boy to the core, I am confident about my communication skills and how they enable me to channelize the available resources and people to get the best required results. A trait picked up from my Dad, I give utmost priority to humility and keeping my feet grounded that makes it easy for me to maintain good and healthy relationships with everyone.
My parents – Umesh Chand Rai and Manisha Rai are well educated, and both are into business, which, not surprisingly inspires me to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours, too.
While my father has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from National Institute of Technology at Jamshedpur, my mother has earned a Postgraduate degree in Political Science. Both have encouraged and motivated me to emerge as an individual with immense qualities and talent.
I personally identify, my proficiency in computer sciences. I have a sound knowledge of computer languages, like C, C#, C++, Java, Python, and HTML.
My other competencies in the computer field include MS Office applications – MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

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